Friday, 28 March 2008


Here's an update on Mathew's reading. Still fluency problems (when reading out loud anyway), but the books are age appropriate, he isn't a fast reader and it'll never be his favourite passtime.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Parents Evening

Had Parents evening last nught, all seems to be progressing well. Matthew is learning things on par with his peers! The only poblem is output- back to that writing again! There was lots more in his exercise books this year, including the ones where he has no help. A grades in his Maths and Science books.(in the end of subject tests). We discussed more times in test (as per EPsych first report way back form 2006) as I don't think he had extra time in last May tests, she said she fine with that. Also the laptop that was spoken about in last Ed Psych meeting, apparently, a speed of 30 Words/min is required before they are allowed to use these, we told her Matthew is working on it, but if he can type faster than write that really shoud be the criteria. She is going to test his writing speed. Also we asked for a contact book where we can write in any worries and she can let us know if things need to be worked on.
Oh yes and discovered that since Sept 2007 the head is no longer the SENCO, but Matthew current class teacher is. Nice of them to let us know. We only found this out from the LSA at the end of the evening. During the discussion with the class teacher we complained that we haven't had Feb's IEP, we hadn't been invited to discuss it and we had never once had a IEP review, although she said we should have had a review, not once did she say "well I'm the Senco now". She said was we should have had the IEP reviewed and it will be this year and they are due out this week.Also the regulatons are changing and the child will be consulted on the IEP from Sept.
We felt it quite productive, but hoping they are not just paying us lip service.

Monday, 17 March 2008

OT Technician visits us at Home

The OT Technician, popped a few things into us last Thursday, a nonslip sheet to under paper, and to try him on the caring cutlery (she lives in our village). She had a look at him with knife and fork and says he has no problem just needs to practice.
We chatted about motion based therapy and she says just keep plugging away and things will improve. She has a dyslexic daughter who is currently at university, took a different route to get there but has got there all the same, and is doing well although needs the support that is offered.
She was excited about the new foundation phase that is to be brought in here in Wales, following along the lines of Scandanavian countries, there will be no formal teaching of reading/writing /spelling until junior classes (age 7), but emphasis of learning through play. I think this is very enlightened and a definite way forward, get the basic needs of the children up to scratch first i.e. lots of play, getting the gross motor skills and then fine motor skills tuned up before bringing in the academics. IMO this is brilliant as even my older son has troubles with writing neatly and quickly, and could have done with those years of concentrating on development of these unpining skils.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Dore Assessment 11 -Follow up 10.

Good results again moving in the right direction, the specialist is encouraging us to keep at it, she believes that the balance scores are tightening up now and we may push them up even more.

The Occular motor tests are coming along, smooth persuit are as good as they'll get, and the Saccades just need a little more tightening up, 3 overshoots needing a correction and a few guesses. Matthew's reading does seem more fluent lately so if we can just sort this out- who knows!!