Tuesday, 26 February 2008

OT Technician

The OT Technician is coming to the school to give Matthew his short block of OT therapy for 6 sessions. I had to phone her to rearrange one, for him to attend his Dore Assess. next week. She tells me Matthew is a very enthusiastic learner, and I said well they all love 1:1 help, but she assures me that they are not all that enthusiastic. He has mastered tying shoe laces, but I have taught him this before (I did post it here) so it really is just a recap.
They are doing handwriting on an upright black board at 90 degrees, so he uses both hands, however 6 days of doing this isn't going to cut any ice I'm afraid, she said herself he has to keep practising it. She also mentioned that he has progressed in some things that she expected him to have trouble with, so then stated that we were doing well with our exercises--YES but which ones!!!!!!!!!! Haven't done any of the OT ones yet, although several are similar to Dore ones so that's probably where the improvements came from. She also mentioned his excessive pressure with a pen and his low muscle tone.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Half Term Week

Not much to report really, a marked improvement in performance of exercises. Also it seems we have a corresponding jump in awareness, watching the news relating it back, asking questions, memory problems sinking away to the dark distance past.
My husband came home again after rugby practice with a smile on his face, relating that Matthew has great awareness of the game, sizes up the field of play before hand, no tunnel vision. It is suprising how many other children just charge and don't pass the ball as they don't have the spacial awareness (Gosh sounds very smug saying that!!) He is very happy, very chatty.