Monday, 18 May 2009

Sporting Success!

Matthew won the most improved player of the year 2008/2009 in his Rugby Team. He was absolutely delighted as he kept asking if he would get it, as he knew himself that his skills have soared this year. It was very well earned, he had his sights on winning it for the last few months, he went out and worked his socks off. The team won a silver medal this year when Matthew was picked to play. We now have a "Wall of Matthew" for him to put his trophies on :) That's JPR WIlliams (an X Lions and Wales rugby star) awarding him his trophy.


Thought I'd better give you all an update. Matthew's support reteurned after Christmas after an uncomfortable time with the school. He was given double support to make up for the lost hours - this cannot really make up for time lost but we have to be grateful for anything these days. He's much happier again. We had a parents evening in April where the teacher was very pleased with him said he was a bright child who came out with a suprising amount of facts verbally, he showed us a excellent piece of work that we know he's capable of, done with very little support (science), he's been holding his own in the class tests. The teacher allows him to answer questions in english if he's struggling for the welsh words which takes alot of pressure away.
His tutor is very pleased that he has improved vastly since she first taught him back in September, ordering his stories and spelling. He actually loves to read Tintin books and is asking me to buy him new ones all the time. He also enjoys history along with maths!