Monday, 18 July 2011

Set 1 for Maths & Science

Success at last, the school has realised Matthew's potential and put him up to top set for maths and science. He came 10th out of 211 (top 5%)in his maths exam so together with his assessment results throughout the year he qualifies- Yay

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Senco meeting

We have a Senco meeting next Tues, to discuss the IEP, and progress, I spoke to him briefly this afternoon. He also said we can modify things?!
The SENCo who is also a Math teacher had congratulated Matthew on his Math's result - during dinner break in the dinner queue- very embarrassing! His friend in Set 1 also congratulated him saying that he only had 50% in Maths and told him to start worrying if teachers come up to you to give you good news.

It would be nice to get some National Curriculum levels for a change instead of the usual exceeding/meeting etc. level.

Summer Exams

Matthew has once again excelled in his exams. All Sets 1-3 get the same papers. Lowest mark he has was 50% for English, no surprises there.
However after being in Set 3 Humanities for 1 term only, he had top mark for Set 3 for Geography (92%) and Spanish (86%), 3rd in History (70%) and Welsh 94%.
In Maths he had 85%- top mark, Science 86% -top mark (Physics 95, Chem 86 and Biol 78).
The exams were a total nightmare this year, instead of 3 days with 2 exams each day, they were over a 2 week period in lesson time. The exam dates were chopped and changed meaning he was learning 4 subjects 1 night and then discovering 2 had been moved the next day. Also his extra time was given to him in assembly time, lunch breaks or tea breaks or during the following lesson!