Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Parent's Evening

We had parent's evening Monday night, and are once again over the moon with Matthew's progress. Nobody had 1 negative word to say(what a difference to primary), he's doing extremely well.
Science and Maths are his best subjects (no surprise there), his last science test was 98% he had one wrong(which was right but he changed it!) and the teacher told us this was the highest mark in all her classes (she teaches A1,B1 and C1 and they all get the same test).
English reading has jumped from 9.09 to 13.0, comprehension from 9.2 to 12.06, he was tested in Sept 09 and january 10. We spoke to the head of lower school, to ensure he knew how Matthew was doing, we let him know his english scores and science. I hated to sound like a pushy parent, but we need to make sure that Matthew remains on their radar, the teacher remains cautious with the humanity subjects as they can involve alot of writing, but things are very positive overall.
The Art teacher gave an insight into the the target setting process, the report given out at Xmas recorded whether the child was exceeding, meeting, or underperforming according to their targets -with no mention of their targets. The targets it seems are worked out from the NFER Cat scores taken in June, the result sheets that were given out in at the previous paretns evening. The levels are the targets for KS3 end of yr 9.
Matthew has a new Engish teacher from January (last one left for maternity leave) is very pleased with him but didn't know of Matthew's previous SpLDifficulties diagnosis, and speech and language problems. She says that the majority of boys have problems with creative writing and that's what they are working on in the next term. He probably needs that more than anything.

Drama - he's motivating eveyrone.

PE - he is very determined and won't give up until he has the technique (tell me about it!!)
Music great class, doing really well.
Art - meeting targets enjoying work. Target level 6c

Spanish, doing well grasping things quickly (I find his book very messy).

Geography exceeding expectations some really good work.

History, the history teacher loves his class, great kids eager to do their work, thinks that the Sats levels that the primary schools send to the secondaries are extremmly misleading, many kids are misbanded but says it'll all change next school year.

Design/Food (cookery) Matthew is a gem, very good with his hands enthusiastic.

Welsh -Matthew's an absolute joy to teach, helps out his school mates when he's finished. He's well respected by his peers.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Winter Term Report

1 = Exceeding Targets = E
2 Meeting Targets = M