Monday, 29 January 2007

First Check Up

Check up report-First check up. It all went very well, apart from an accident on the motorway (an hour earlier) on the way there, which made us 20 mins late!! Stressful or what.The posturography test only was repeated, and Matthews balance on the eyes closed, moving plates (vestibular/inner ear balance) was actually on the graph this time it was missing last time as he had 3 fails. The therapist was pleased as he said that he had reviewed his results before we came and was not expecting it to have improved enough to get a reading this time either. The eyes open and plates stable (1.somatosensory and visual) was a little lower but with less spread of results, and also the eyes closed, plates stable (2.somatosensory) was a lower than before with less spread. The eyes open/moving plates (vestibular and visual) was much the same.

From this is seems to be showing that as the inner ear balance (which is linked to the cerebellum) starts to increase it starts to take on more of the balance and the somatosensory is being adjusted. Any way that's what i understood. He said this was not unusual. We have had to repeat some of the tests Matthew found hard, but not too many and the therapist tested him on several of the tests to ensure he was in fact doing them correctly. He also commented on how well we had done not missing a session. It had not crossed my mind to miss one, I even went up his friends house to do them with him when he went for a sleep over!! Poor lamb thought I'd come to collect him at 8 in the morning. Very pleased with the results. I did ask about the Dore International forum but the therapist didn't know and the manager was tied up when we came out.
I must add from last week his reading has just taken off and he now reading on his own. 20 pages read in literacy hour last thursday. 10 pages read most nights. He will have finished his book in 1 week, normally takes 4. I think some of the strain in reading has disappeared. He is feeling good about that.