Saturday, 15 March 2014

Quick Update

Hi everyone, haven't been updating for ages, but all is good here. Matthew continues to do well. he has had some GCSE modules in 2013. A* in all his sciences. C in English language and half unit RE. This January 2014 he gained an A in Physics module and a B in English Lit module. All continuing well despite being a teenager! his year we have his GCSEs- yikes.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Top boy in Maths for setY1

Matthew had a really good mark in Maths and the teacher announced he was the top boy in the class. He worked hard although he does really love maths. Science marks were also excellent, so he's been accepted on the triple science course.
He's getting his sets tomorrow for next year he hopes to move up a set from 3 to 2 for his languages/RE/English set. All going well, still have the old problems with spelling grammar and punctuation.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cats June 2011

The cognitive abilty tests raised their heads again last June, we weren't given the results this time and I felt best not to ask and they could be lower.
However this week I was given them.
Verbal 98 (5th Stanine)
Quantatative 119 (8th Stanine) top 11%
Non Verbal 128 (9th Stanine) top 3%

So it seems Matthew has a very high abilty for Non verbal reasoning and above average ability for Quantitative reasoning.

I think at last people (teachers) can see what I've been going on about all this time. I just want him to have the opportunities he deserves.


Today Matthew took his laptop to school for the first time. Didn't get a chance to use it but he has the permission to use it. We still need to improve his speed, but you have to start somewhere.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Biology End of Unit Assessment

100% in the Digestion Unit!
What can I say!

Spanish Assessments

20/20 in oral test- 8 sentences to be learnt on "Holidays", using your own vocabulary for more marks.
39/40 in written test.
Estupendos Matthew!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Parents Evening

Had a good parent's evening, nothing new learnt really.

Matthew's is working at Level 5a/6c currently for English. If he can get to L6b by end of KS3 I will be over the moon! His target is L5, so fingers crossed.

Maths no problems there, they had a maths test that morning, he scored 92% with the class average being 78%! Brill.

Science - good marks for tests and homework, physics teacher says he always does well in the tests "somehow" but is disorganised in class. Biology/chemistry teacher pleased with him slightly better at Chemistry than Biology, I asked about him doing triple science next year she said its highly competitive and there are only 60 places! Personally I can't see a problem he is in the top half of the class on the whole.

Spanish in the top few of the class, the class is mixed ability and the work is differentiated. I did tell her that Math is thinking of taking it as an option she said he should get a C at least.

Geography- teacher wants him in his Geography class next year as was going to twist him arm if he was not considering doing it as an option.

ICT teacher -a substitute- but I was really impressed with him even though he looked really young, he was a very enthusiastic teacher and was exceptionally pleased with Math's progress since he had taken over class.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Good School Year so far.

Math has had a good Yr 9 so far. Keeping up with the set 1 work with no problems.
Set 3 work is also going well, but we have little idea how his English is coming along.
One thing has changed is his expected levels. At the end of last school year all levels were a L5 apart from maths which was given a N/A! This last autumn term all levels have shifted to L6 apart from English and RE. He is due to meet or exceed these targets apart from History which he may not get a L6 in. Not concerned about history as he has no plans to take it for GCSE.
We have a parents evening on Thurs so looking forward to that.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Set 1 for Maths & Science

Success at last, the school has realised Matthew's potential and put him up to top set for maths and science. He came 10th out of 211 (top 5%)in his maths exam so together with his assessment results throughout the year he qualifies- Yay

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Senco meeting

We have a Senco meeting next Tues, to discuss the IEP, and progress, I spoke to him briefly this afternoon. He also said we can modify things?!
The SENCo who is also a Math teacher had congratulated Matthew on his Math's result - during dinner break in the dinner queue- very embarrassing! His friend in Set 1 also congratulated him saying that he only had 50% in Maths and told him to start worrying if teachers come up to you to give you good news.

It would be nice to get some National Curriculum levels for a change instead of the usual exceeding/meeting etc. level.