Monday, 9 May 2011

Parent's evening Yr 8

Well what can I say, every teacher thinks he's a fantastic child. I,m going to log as much of it as I can remember, I'd really like to bottle it forever.

Doing great in maths, the teacher is looking forward to the next assessment on Wednesday.(Result 95%)

Chemistry teacher thinks he's a darling, she was sad to hear she was losing him from set 3 but happy when he appeared in her set 2 class.

Learnsmart teacher (who's head of Middle school-Yrs 9-11)expressed how pleased she was that he won "all those awards" and we must be so pleased with him as he was chosen out of over 200 pupils. She's seen his confidence rise throughout the year, he's proven to be a good leader in a group.

Geography teacher thanked us for having such a great child said he really good at geog and he can see him taking it at GCSE, clearly more able than the other in the set 4 group, he's missing his input.

RE teacher told us how he is always asking questions and this is what they like to see in RE-a child who shows interest.

Art doing fine enjoyed his last project of Fabalous fish more than portraits. Had a D for portraits and B for fab fish.

DT teacher thinks he's great, hasn't fallen behind because of his broken arm as he has organised all his friends to help him. Great leadership skills.

Spanish- sorry to see him go but he's clearly more able.

Welsh teacher loves him really sorry to see him move from her class, we were a while with her as she told does how he helps all the other children and is an absolute gem.

PE teacher described how the group of set1 and set 4 mix is a hard group and how Matthew brings every one together gets on equally well with both groups, is a calming influence, he has a great sense of humour, will go up to "the line" stick his nose over but won't cross it. Suprisingly he is really good at the theory side they are teaching them (trying to cover most of GCSE theory during yrs 7,8 and 9) -no surprise to us!

English teacher is glad he has moved up is cautious but thinks he has the abilty but must be carefully managed